Confidence NOW

“An exceptional teacher should never stop being an eager student…”

cropped-Tara-and-Reggie-at-the-Grand-Canyon.jpgAs a student and second-language speaker of foreign languages, I understand how hard it can be to learn a new language. So, what is the key to TRUE FLUENCY? After 18 years of studying Spanish, Italian, French and teaching my own native tongue of American English, it is clear to me that CONFIDENCE is key.

My goal as an English teacher is to develop my student’s speaking abilities by building their CONFIDENCE in regards to important issues and simple day-to-day activities – in other words, REAL LIFE. Classes are ONLINE, so we can meet when it is convenient for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy! Speaking English fluently is NOT necessarily about having perfect grammar, but rather about being UNDERSTOOD, advancing your CAREER, and – most of all –  feeling GOOD about your success. With me, you can start communicating in English naturally and confidently. Let’s get started! Contact me today and let me know how I can help you achieve your dreams of speaking with confidence in English.

Nice to meet you

Here is a little introduction to who I am, and what my classes are really like. I am not just a teacher of language but also a student of language – Bilingual in Spanish and conversational in other languages! My students come from all over the world!

Hello everybody. My name is Tara Musich and I am a certified and experienced teacher of American English. I come from the state of California in the United States and I am here today to talk to you a little bit about why taking English classes with me is a good idea.

First off, I should mention that I am a bilingual teacher. I am not just teaching you English from an English speakers’ point of view. I like to think that I am teaching you English from a students’ point of view. I know how hard can be to learn a second language and I like to consider myself a compassionate educator who takes this into account every lesson with every student. My students range from nine years old to sixty-five years old and are at all levels, from very beginner to very advanced. They come from all countries, from all over the world: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Russia and even Vietnam.

My students come to me for…various reasons – they want pure conversation classes and that’s fine, we can just talk. Some of them want to study for English exams and that is great too. I am also prepared to help you study for your IELTS, FIRST CAMBRIDGE or TOEFL exam. My students also come to me for job interviews. Job interviews or something we all have to do more than once usually in our lives and nowadays job interviews in English are very popular. This is one of my most popular classes. During my classes I like to employ a variety of methods in order to, not only convey concepts, but get you interested in learning English.

I like to use world events such as breaking news. I like to use literature, music, films – a variety of resources for different learning styles. My classes are custom-tailored to suit your needs as a student. No class is the same, no student is the same, and for that reason I like to meet with my students for few minutes before we begin our classes, so that we can get know each other and I can find out exactly what it is you need for your English learning. I hope to talk to you soon. Take care. Bye, bye.