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So, what can we talk about together?

English Grammar and Pronunciation – Academic and professional writing/editing – Survival English/Daily Life English – Business English (specific to your industry!) – Listening and Reading Comprehension – Expressing Yourself – American Life and Culture – Movies, TV Shows and Music – Children’s Lessons – Building Confidence – And anything else you are interested in!!

What about following a more structured program? You can learn more by following these links:

Pronunciation (From the right Alphabet to Stress to Tongue Twisters)

English Exams (Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE EXAMS)

Job Interviews (From the C.V. to the Interview to Being Hired…the Process)

Reading-4-Fluency (Build 5 areas of language learning with novels and stories)

Young Learners (Build 5 areas of language learning with a fun approach)

Why online learning is so ideal!

Here is my take on why learning English ONLINE is the method of the future!

Hello everybody. My name is Tara Musich and I am a certified and experienced teacher of American English. I come from California, in The United States, and I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about why I think you should start taking lessons with me online in order to improve your English. First and foremost, I would like to tell you that I myself am also a speaker of a second language. I speak Spanish fluently, as well as Italian at a conversational level and I’ve been studying French for a few years.

I am telling you this because I want you understand that I am compassionate to your needs as a student of a foreign language. I understand that it can be difficult to learn a second language and it is my hope that my experience as a student will help you learn English. I believe that language learning should also be cultural learning. I believe that we should also be learning about the countries that speak these languages, about their customs and what they do, what they don’t do. So, it is my goal as an American teacher that when you have class with me that we can have intercultural exchange and an immersion style program where you not only learn English from me but you also are able to learn about my country.

In addition to intercultural exchange and having experience learning a second language there are other reasons why online English learning is (<–correction) very beneficial for you as a student. There is a special emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension. We’ve all heard it “learn English like a baby” and it is true, but we’re adults and we want to speak and I understand that desire. So with me you will always get to speak a lot, but you will also get to listen a lot. Every class that you take with me is recorded and I send you a mp3 recording of the class so that you can listen as many times as you like throughout the week in order to hear your pronunciation and hear my pronunciation and compare the two, and listen as much as you need to in order to improve. I am a full supporter of listening as much as you can.

Finally, learning English with me is extremely convenient and accessible. Online English goes wherever you go. If you are at home, we can have a lesson at your house. If you are at work, we can do it from your workplace. Depending on the teacher’s availability, there are a wide variety of hours and scheduling’s that are available to you. Apart from all of these reasons, online English with me is very fun. I love to laugh as much as possible during my classes and it is my hope that you will laugh too. So, let’s get “started and have a lesson. Please, contact me today!………….