Tara’s ESL BLOG: Job Interviews in English – An Introduction

Picture6Job Interviews: Oh, how we hate them!

But they are a necessary evil as we say. Luckily, I know how to make it as easy and pain-free as possible – even if English is your second language!  The number one thing to remember is that in a job interview you are technically “marketing” yourself to the employer. So make sure to present yourself – and your English skills – in the most effective way by preparing for the interview with an experienced coach. When preparing for a job interview with me, we go through each step of the process, giving you the tools you need to truly market yourself during the interview instead of just reciting memorized information about yourself. The key is to look good, sound good, and most importantly feel good about what you are saying to the interviewer. So how do we do it?

Prepare, practice, present!

  • PREPARE! Create intelligent responses to current business questions based on YOUR real life experiences. The more you contribute to this process, the better your responses will be.
  • PRACTICE! Master the pronunciation and cadence of these responses in order to ensure being understood. Having a good, clear accent can make all the difference during your interview.
  • PRESENT! Build confident response time and natural fluency through no-script “Mock Interviews”. Responses that you believe in – not just memorized robot words!

1. What do you think ''a necessary evil'' means?

2. What do I mean by ''marketing'' yourself?

3. What does the phrase ''it can make all the difference'' mean?

4. What does ''mock'' mean''

Interested in preparing for a Job Interview with me? You will also receive an Mp 3 recording of every session – as well as a typed script of your responses – allowing you to prepare as much as you like or need.

Contact me today at englishwithtaramusich@gmail.com and don’t forget to watch out for more blogs!

Coming Soon: The Preparation Process and Interview Questions & Answers