English Exams

English Exams: Online Preparation

These days, ENGLISH EXAMS can make or break you! People all over the world are looking to improve their quality fo life and advance their careers. However, many opportunities require a verified level of English proficiency, and so exams like the TOEFL or IELTS are necessary! For many learners, proper preparation is needed to ensure passing these exams the FIRST time, and that is how I can help you!

English Proficiency Exams

The most popular exams in English include IELTS, TOEFL, and a variety of Cambridge Exams like the FIRST and CAE. These exams test all four skills in English – Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. When preparing with me, we first determine which skills are the strongest and which are the weakest. Our main focus in class is on those areas that need the most help. These exams have different levels and requirements, so make sure you are taking the right one! To see a chart comparing the most popular English exams, click here!

U.S. Entrance Exams: ACT/SAT

Many younger students wish to attend university in the United States are required to take entrance exams such the ACT or SAT. These exams test the student in all subjects (Math, Science, etc.), however, a mastery of the English language is vital to every part of the exam. The student is expected to complete an extensive amount of critical reading analysis while employing native-like grammar and vocabulary usage. If your child plans on taking one of these exams in his or her future, it is beneficial to their success that they get tutored! To learn more about these exams, click here!


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