Tara’s ESL Blog: Job Interviews in English – Be Prepared!

When you prepare for an interview (with me, or on your own) you should start out with the following steps, in order to focus on what you should say, and get rid of the extra details that aren’t important or beneficial to you being hired.

  1. General “You” Review: You need to know what you want and whether you have what it takes to get it!
  • What position am I trying to get?
  • Do I fit the qualifications for the position?
  • Does my resume/C.V. highlight my qualifications, and match the position I am applying for?

  1. Target Company Review: The more you know about them, the more they want to know about you!
  • This information guides the whole interview and is one of YOUR biggest selling points. They want to know that YOU know about the company and have a REASON other than location or money (or desperation!) for applying.
  • What are the “values” and goals of the company? How does your experience or personality match these?
  • What projects are they working on? What qualifications do you have that match them?
  • What does the company’s website look like? Try to remember details, and mention something you like!

3. Preparing for the Interview: The kind of applicant you are, determines the type of questions you will be asked!

  • 2 types of interviews: Recent Graduates and Experienced Professionals
  • Is your education the most or least important qualification?
  • Are you looking for a position within your current field or one outside your current field?
  • What do you want to highlight? Is there anything you want to rephrase or even avoid mentioning?
  • You must be sure about these details in order to prepare properly for the right kind of interview.

Now, we can determine exactly WHICH questions to focus ON when we prepare for our next interview. In any interview there are usually four main parts. Although there are many different questions that can be asked during these parts of the interview, the questions will most likely be directed towards your field or industry so you should prepare for questions specific to your career. Luckily the internet provides a wide variety of resources with industry-specific interview questions that we can review and prepare for together, so no worries!

Coming soon: Examples of what you can expect in each of the 4 main parts to any interview!!!

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