Methods and Resources

Methods and Resources

Here is a little bit on the resources I use in my classes in order to better convey concepts and engage my students.

So, online, uhh, people wonder – How do you teach English online? And everyone asks me: how do you teach Russians? How do you teach Saudi Arabians? How do you do this if you don’t speak Russian or Arabic? And I tell them, well, you know, I use Google a lot, I use Google a lot to show you pictures, images of what it is I am trying to talk about. So first and foremost, in my classes I use the internet. I use the internet to convey concepts and to show you what I’m talking about when there’s any type of confusion. I always encourage my students to ask questions whenever there is any doubt about what I am talking about.

Um, aside from the internet – I use the internet for the whole job, really – but on the internet we use several different “mediums” or resources to learn English. One of them is news articles. News articles are a great way to learn English, especially for the business “savvy” professional. Many people these days are working online and in the international sector, and it is important to know about world events. So I use articles, I love using articles.

Another thing that I really love to use is American English literature. I love to read. I feel like reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have. I love to read novels, short stories, even comic books from, you know, the 1980’s and 90’s here in The United States. I have several students that I am currently doing literature units with, on The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho or A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, or even the Harry Potter series. So, there is a plethora of literature that we can use in our classes as well.

I also enjoy using just daily – you know, or employing daily conversations, having daily conversations about what you do and where you go, what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Our classes are not focused on grammar, but if you have a grammar point you wanna talk about, we can. My classes are custom fit to your needs as a student. I know what is necessary for a person who is learning a second language, because I have learned several other languages – studied several other languages, so it is my hope that I can create an atmosphere for you that is easy to learn English and fun as well.

I hope to hear from you soon. Please watch my other videos about travel and other things that I like to talk about. I will also be making weekly videos about interesting idioms or phrases or pronunciations of American English.  Have a wonderful day. Take care. Bye, bye.