Mano Chavanne


Age: 33 – Status: Single – Nationality: French American – Country of Residence: United States

B.B.A. in Finance, B.B.A. in Risk Management and Insurance, TEFL Certified

Languages: English (Native), French (Native), Spanish (Fluent)

Mano Website Collage

Mano Chavanne has been my friend and colleague since 2011. He grew up in the historical city of Philadelphia, PA in the USA, and is a native speaker and teacher of American English and French. After 8 years in the financial sector, he has been teaching English for the last 5 years in countries like Argentina, China, and Turkey. He is easy-going, a great problem-solver and makes friends everywhere he goes. Mano is the person I go to when when I need a simple explanation of a difficult political or economical concept.

Mano is very likable, well-organized and effective in helping his students think “outside the box”. His unique work and life experience make his classes very engaging for his students. His interests include all sports (especially American Football), current events, world travel, John Oliver-style programs, debating, economic living, world history and everything to do with numbers and statistics.

To learn more about Mano’s education, work experience and teaching methods, please watch his video below. You can follow along by reading the text script found below the video too!!


…Video and Transcript To Be Posted Soon…