Top 5 Lists

Here you have access to my favorite websites for helping my students improve their English, in class with me, or on their own in their free time. The websites have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced resources, so there is something for everyone. Just click on the link that interests you, check out the website or page and don’t forget to have fun!

YouTube Channels:

VOA Learning English – Voice of America presents American news for English Students. Easy to understand.

Rachel’s English – American Pronunciation and Stress Videos. Very method based and informative.

English with Ronnie – American Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar Videos. Very funny and entertaining.

All Ears English – Podcasts about Speaking Advice and Expressing Yourself. Useful and practical topics.

Go Natural English – American Pronunciation and Grammar.

Book and Story Websites:

Rong Chang English – Simple and easy stories with exercises.

5-minute English Reading – Reading comprehension quizzes on simple stories.

Go Comics – English language comics (animations) that are short and sweet.

Lit2G – Classical stories in English for advanced students, no exercises.

VOA Stories – Original stories in English for advanced students, no exercises.

News Websites:

BBC Learning English – Up-to-date international news articles with exercises, in easy-to-understand British English. Audio and video available.

Breaking News English – News articles in levels that are written for students, with many exercises. Audio available.

Voice of America – Daily American and international news and vocabulary in levels, without exercises. Audio and video available.

News in Levels – News from around the world in three different levels, but without exercises. Video available.

Heads Up English – News stories and compelling articles that stimulate ideas with exercises. No video or audio.

Speaking and Self-Expression Websites:

Talk English – Situation-based conversations for the basics, business, travel and more.

English at Home – Conversation situations categorized by activities and daily life events.

ITESLJ Conversation – The “one-stop-shop” for conversation questions for the ESL student. It has everything.

ESL Questions – Series of conversation questions organized by topic, grammar, or textbook source.

Macmillan English – Great resource for self-expression pragmatics with exercises.

Grammar and Vocabulary Websites:

Speak Speak – No-frills exercises with detailed explanations

Grammar Bytes – ” Grammar with an Attitude!” Fun and unique lessons and exercises.

British Council – Easy to understand and detailed explanations, exercises and games.

Ego4U – Grammar lessons, exercises and accompanying concept stories.

English Club – Detailed descriptions of all grammar points.

Pronunciation and Accent Websites:

Learner’s Dictionary – A series of lessons that cover 5 points of pronunciation. Very detailed.

Color Vowel Chart – A unique and fun way to learn the American vowels and word/sentence stress.

Pronuncian – American English pronunciation lessons, videos, and exercises.

Elemental English – Cool videos and explanation of sounds and pronunciations, with pictures

ABC Fast Phonics – A simple and easy to understand explanation of consonants, vowels, and blends.

Fun and Unusual Websites:

Duolingo – A fun, interactive, game-like language platform where you practice grammar, track daily progress and earn “lingots” or credits towards special lessons and activities. Available in many languages.

TEDeD – a super cool educational version of TED, Ideas Worth Sharing. Video and audio based lessons on a variety of topics with activities and discussion. Available in some languages.

Lyrics Training – A karaoke-style song and lyric website that allows you to practice new vocabulary with new and old songs. Available in many languages.

Movies Grow English – A website that uses clips from your favorite movies as a base for listening and vocabulary practice in English (only).

Baby Sign Language – Teach yourself and your baby simple English through sign language – a proven technique to get your child to communicate faster. Give your child the opportunity to be bilingual right from the beginning.

English Games:

Scattergories Online – A category-based creative vocabulary game that you can play with others alone, or against a computer. You choose the categories based on player maturity. Available in many languages. Suitable for Adults and Children.

Oxford Spelling Challenge – A fun game that tests your vocabulary spelling abilities on three different levels. Available in American and British English. Suitable for Adults and Children.

Scrabble Online – The classic game of letters, words and points. Available in 5 languages. Suitable for Adults and Children.

Word Vine – A game where you place every word given on a vine making comprehensible connections, to finish the level. Suitable for Adults and Children.

Cards Against Originality – Based on the original game Cards Against Humanity, this is a very unique card game for 3+ players, where you choose the noun/gerund to fill in the blank space of a phrase. Politically incorrect content. Only Suitable for Adults.