More Teachers

Finding a great teacher who meets your needs and fits your personality can be the most challenging part to getting a good education online. Many of my students complain that when they study with other “companies” they are forced to read about things they are not interested in, or even worse – practice concepts that are way below or above their current level. This is a common problem because it is EASIER to teach you something GENERIC and GENERAL. But, are YOU generic and general? Probably not, right?

So, in my opinion, this is not the right way to teach English, to learn English or to ENJOY English. My students LOVE that we can talk about ANYTHING at ANYTIME, and that the classes are customized to their needs as an individual.  Well, this got me thinking about HOW to give more people MY STYLE of classes and after some careful thought, I have decided to gather my most experienced and educated friends and colleagues who share the same values in teaching and education as I do, and are capable of providing you with fun and exciting English classes online. Fortunately, I have some really intelligent and cool friends for you to meet who I have known and worked with for years – and most importantly, they are SUPERB teachers of English.

Remember that all of my friends have agreed to follow my special programs and use my teaching methods – while adding their own styles and personalities of course! – so you can be certain that the quality of your lessons will be consistently high. You will also notice that there are not many “friends” to choose from, and this is because I am only selecting the best of the best to join me in providing English classes to you. So, check them out and see if one of them would be a good match!!


Kellie Kisner is a native speaker of American English and has been my best friend/colleague for over 15 years. She is originally from California in the United States, like myself, and has been teaching English for over 5 years – 3 years online – after having spent 7 years working in Business Administration during her university time. She speaks Spanish fluently, travels the world without hesitation and is just a really cool and caring girl overall. Kellie is the person I go to when I need to know what is “trendy” or cool in the world at the moment.

Kellie is open-minded, resourceful and is great at recognizing her student’s needs. She comes from a big, lovely family and excels at teaching children due to her patience and huge imagination. Her interests include speech pathology, body modification, listening to music, Carl Sagan, reading fiction, ancient history, skateboarding, photography, Disneyland and living a vegan lifestyle. Click here, to learn more about Kellie…


Jaimeson Musich is my cousin and has been a fellow teacher since 2010. He is a California native – currently living in Tokyo, Japan – and is an experienced teacher of various subjects. Motivated by alternative learning methods, he has taught Physics with LEGOS and currently teaches English with a special focus on music and song. He is optimistic, a great listener and truly concerned with the well-being of others. Jaimeson is the person I go to when I need a fun and fresh approach to a traditional methodology.

Jaimeson is very patient, thoughtful and willing to explain something until it is completely clear to his students. His fun-loving and relaxed manner make his classes easy to follow and benefit from. His interests include Japanese culture and language, playing the guitar, cooking with friends, singing karaoke, Anime, Rubik’s cubes of all shapes and sizes, composing music, and making the world a better place. Click here, to learn more about Jaimeson…

Thank you so much for getting to know my friends! If you are interested in having classes with one of them, please send me a message today at! Take care!