Video Playlists

About Me and My Classes

In this playlist you will get to know me, learn about my education and experience, understand the methods and resources used in my classes, as well as discover my hobbies and interests in life. 

American English Pronunciation

In this playlist you will start off with the basics – the Alphabet – but then you will get the chance to practice the vowels using the Color Vowel Chart, and learn the true sounds of the consonants. 

The Future Tense

In this playlist you will practice the Simple Future tense, review some of the more advanced rules, as well as discover some of the more idiomatic and colloquial ways of talking about the future. 

Advice for English Students

In this playlist you will hear some advice on learning English.


Thanks for watching! Please stay tuned for new videos in the future. If you are interested in having a class with me, or want more information, please email me today! Take care!