Tara’s ESL VLOG: The Future Part 2 – Simple Rules


What’s up everybody! My name is Tara Musich and I am a certified and experienced teacher of American English. Today I am presenting you with a video that’s part of a series that I am making on the Future Tense. Today’s video is about some special rules for using the future tense. These are some rules that I have shared with several of my students while working on using this tense and I thought it would be nice to share with you – my YouTube viewers and subscribers. So, we’re going to go over four rules together. We’ll go over the rule and then take a look at the example. You can look in the text below to follow along, if you like!


1. When there is one subject then you use the future form only once, at the beginning. Here, Sara is the ONLY subject. She makes the cake AND serves the cake, in the future.

Sara will make a cake and serve it to her friend.

Sara is going to make a cake and serve it to her friend.

2. When there are two subjects, you must use the future form two times. Here, Sara and John are two different subjects.

Sara will make a cake, and John will serve it to her friends.

Sara is going to make a cake, and John is going to serve it to her friends.

3. The words “also, always, never …” have a special position in the structure of the sentence.

Sara will also make a cake. John will always serve it to her friends.

(Here, the modifier MUST go in between “will” and the verb that follows.)

Sara is always going to make a cake. John is never going to serve it to her friends.

(Here, the modifier MUST come before “going to”.)

4. We use past tense form of “going to” in these future forms to talk about plans we had in the past that didn’t happen for a reason.

“I was going to buy a pizza, but I lost my wallet.”
“You were going to go to Guatemala, but you got sick.”
“We were gunna dance, but I had to go home.”

So, if you are interested in learning more about using these forms or would like more information about my classes, send me an email today and we can talk further about your goals for learning English. I hope you have a great day. Take care. Bye, bye.

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