Tara’s ESL VLOG: The Future Part 1 – Will, Going To & Gunna

There are 2 forms that native speakers use to speak about the future. Many teachers and textbooks will tell you that there are rules for how to use each of them, but you should focus on using them interchangeably. Native speakers of English do this, so you can too! Once you can USE them easily, and switch between the two forms, then you can focus on the grammar rules. Let’s take a look at the following “language equations”:


[Subject] + [WILL] + [inf. VERB without “to”]…[+ compliment]

I will buy a pizza.

You will go to Guatemala.

We will dance.


[Subject] + [VERB TO BE in pres.] + [GOING TO] + [VERB]…[+ comp.]

I am going to buy a pizza.

You are going to go to Guatemala.

We are going to dance.

 GUNNA/GONNA (= going + to) (colloquial/advanced)

[Subject] + [VERB TO BE in pres.] + [GUNNA] + [VERB]…[+ comp.]

I am gunna buy a pizza.

You are gunna go to Guatemala.

We are gunna dance.


 The most important thing to remember is that these forms MEAN the same thing. There is no difference between the two when we speak. For example, in the following situations, both of the following statements are correct.

 Waitress: What can I get for you?

You: I will have the pizza, please. OR I am going to have the pizza, please.


Friend: What are you doing next summer?

You: We will visit France next summer. OR We are going to visit France next summer.


Colleague: Where and when is the meeting?

You: It will be at 3 pm on the 5th floor. OR It is going to be at 3 pm on the 5th floor.


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